Biotic selection factors

Biotic selection factors

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selection factors

Selection factors are those environmental conditions / factors that affect the individuals and thus their fitness. A distinction is made between abiotic (inanimate) and biotic (living) selection factors.
The selection factors are crucial for the direction of evolution.
Biotic environmental factors: all selection factors that emanate from the living environment. These can be distinguished between intraspecific (intraspecific) and interspecific (extraneous) factors.
Intraspecific selection factors:
Sexual selection: selection of a sexual partner based on certain characteristics (for example, singing in songbirds, antlers in deer or peacock plumage, see also sexual dimorphism)
Interspecific selection factors: (Found by Jager-Prey Relationship)
Imitation of the environment, for example by adapting color and shape (mimetic); Examples: walking leaves, living stones, chamdleon
Imitation of another kind, e.g. protected by poisons. For example, it gives the impression of predators that the harmless animal is dangerous (mimicry); Example: The harmless hoverfly looks the same as the wasp, and is thus avoided by any predators