Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

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Surname: Australian Shepherd
Alternative names: "Aussie"
Original origin: UNITED STATES
FCI group: Herding dogs and cattle dogs
size: up to 60cm
size: up to 54cm
Mass () : up to 28kg
Mass () : up to 22kg
Life expectancy: 12 - 15 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 4 - 7
coat color: numerous color combinations possible
coat type: soft
coat length: medium to long
Character / essence: intelligent, curious,
attitude: cognitive and physical promotion needed

Australian Shepherd - introduction information

The name of Australian sheperd deceives about his actual origin, because this German shepherd found its origin in America. It was used primarily by Basque settlers who immigrated from Australia in the 19th century to herd a certain species of Merino sheep, the so-called Australian Sheep. Although in the United States in the fifties of the twentieth century studbooks about these dogs and their own clubs for their care and conservation existed, the Australian Sheperd as a separate breed only since 1996 internationally recognized. Since the 1970s, however, it enjoys growing popularity in Europe.
A talented herding and hounding dog, the Australian Sheperd is extremely flexible and has strong yet light muscles. His physique is robust, the males are a little stronger than the bitches. He is of medium-sized growth and reaches depending on gender, a shoulder height of 53 to 60 centimeters and a weight of up to 28 kilograms. Its dense and soft undercoat makes the Australian Sheperd an extremely weather-resistant animal. His coat is half-length except for the head and forelegs and may appear smooth or slightly wavy. There are different colors, ranging from black, blue-merle, red or red-merle, with badges in several color combinations up to sixteen variants are possible. White usually dominates the coat color on the abdomen and chest as well as in the area of ​​the eyes, forehead and nose.
Lovingly called "Aussie" by dog ​​fans, the Australian Sheperd is characterized by a balanced, peaceful and good-natured nature and a high level of intelligence. Due to his strong guarding instinct, he is ideal as a family dog. He encounters strangers at first distanced, but this can be compensated by a consistent education. As an extremely docile workhorse, he is very persistent and is therefore successfully used as a rescue and drug dog. As a companion dog, he also requires a high degree of physical activity and mental activity due to his race, which can hardly be achieved with normal daily walks. So if you want to buy an Aussie, you should be sure to spend a lot of time in extensive leisure activities such as targeted dog sports.