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The badger - Wanted poster

The badger - Wanted poster

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Surname: Badger
Other namesPhotos: European badger
Latin name: Melinae
class: Mammals
size: 50 - 80cm
mass: 5 - 20kg
Older: 10 - 15 years
Appearance: black and white striped head
Sexual dimorphism: Yes
Nutrition type: Omnivore (omnivor)
food: Berries, insects, snails, fruit, worms, seeds
distribution: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America
original origin: Europe
Sleep-wake rhythm: nocturnal
habitat: Wetlands, deciduous and mixed forests, wetlands
natural enemies: Fox, Wolf
sexual maturity: with the second / third year of life
mating season: ?
gestation: 45 days
litter size: 1 - 5 cubs
social behavior: Family Association
Threatened with extinction: No
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Interesting facts about the badger

  • The badger or melinae describes a martens group of predators that includes several species.
  • Within the badgers, a distinction is made between the European and the American badger, the honey badger, the Malay stink badger and the sun roof, depending on the area of ​​distribution.
  • Badgers are native to North America, large parts of Asia, Africa and Europe.
  • The European badger or meles meles is considered the largest marten in Central Europe. It is found in all European countries with the exception of southern Italy and Corsica, some Mediterranean islands and Iceland and lives in sparse deciduous and mixed forests, wetlands and hilly landscapes at locations of up to 2000 meters. He rarely stops near human settlements.
  • The European badger reaches a body length of up to ninety centimeters and a maximum weight of twenty kilograms.
  • The most striking feature of the badger is the black stripes on the white head that run from the muzzle to the eyes to the ears. The rest of the badger's coat is dark gray on the back, deep black on the belly.
  • The badger has a stocky physique with short limbs and a conical skull with a long snout and round, small and protruding ears.
  • The badger is an extremely shy and nocturnal animal that retreats during the day into its earthworks. He is loyal to the location, but not territorial.
  • The area covers over one hundred hectares and is marked with urine.
  • Badgers are strictly monogamous and live together in lifelong solid couple relationships. Together with the young, they form family associations that create huge rooftop burrows underground. These can consist of several hundred chambers and aisles.
  • In very frosty winters, the badgers retreat to their rooftops and keep hibernation.
  • The badger is an omnivore that feeds mainly vegetarian. He prefers seeds, fruits, mushrooms, berries and roots, but also hunts for insects, small rodents, reptiles, snails and worms. He senses his prey by using his excellent sense of smell.
  • After mating in midsummer, the initially blind cubs are born in the spring and nursed for two months. Male juveniles usually leave the family after about a year.
  • The life expectancy of the badgers is up to fifteen years.