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Surname: Bull Terrier
Alternative names: Bull Terrier
Original origin: Great Britain
FCI group: Terrier
size: up to 55cm
size: up to 50cm
Mass () : 25 - 35kg
Mass () : 20 - 30kg
Life expectancy: 10 - 12 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 4 - 6
coat color: White
coat type: tight, smooth
coat length: short
Character / essence: obstinate, active, loyal
attitude: partially prohibited by law

Bull Terrier - introduction information

Of the bullterrier hails from Central England, where he was bred around 1850 by a Birmingham-based pet trader as a fighting dog. It originated as a cross between the Bulldog, the Dalmatian and the breed of the Old White English Terrier that died out over a hundred years ago. The Bull Terrier became extremely popular within a very short time, because he provided by his small height, his aggressiveness and bite ability and his unconditional courage for more entertainment and thrill in the dog fight scene. As dog battles were first banned in the UK and later in most other European countries as well, breed societies gradually began to focus on drastically reducing the aggressive genes of the Bull Terrier by crossing them and making them popular as a family and companion dog during the 20th century , Since 2011, the smaller, as a pet very popular Miniature Bull Terrier is recognized as an independent breed. Nevertheless, the Bull Terrier is still used in illegal dog fighting in Scandinavia, Spain and Russia and therefore not only listed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the Racist list as extremely dangerous dog. Import, husbandry and breeding are forbidden, depending on the state, or are subject to the strictest conditions.
The Bull Terrier is a medium-sized, powerful and extremely muscular dog, which reaches a body height of up to 35 kilograms at a shoulder height of about 55 centimeters. The Miniature Bull Terrier is significantly smaller with a maximum shoulder height of about 35 centimeters. Its short and dense fur can appear in different shades of color and be white, spotted or brindle in one color. Striking are the long neck and the egg-shaped skull with divergent head-line, long snout and small erect ears.
Contrary to his reputation as a very aggressive and snappy breed, the Bull Terrier is a very playful, philanthropic and disciplined dog with a balanced character. As a discrete family dog, he loves the close contact with its owners. A loving, early beginning and consistent education is necessary, however, because the Bull Terrier is extremely intelligent and can be very obstinate, stubborn and spirited. However, apart from regular exercise and playfully designed employment, the Bull Terrier makes little demands on the attitude.