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3: Chemistry of Life - Biology

This chapter provides the chemistry background needed to understand the human body, its functions, and its processes. The chapter describes biochemical compounds and reactions as well as the significance of water to life.3.1: Case Study: Chemistry and Your LifeJoseph is a college student who has watched his father suffer from complications of type 2 diabetes over the past few years.
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Definition: Granulocytes (Latin granulum = grain, ancient Greek cytos = cell) are part of the innate immune response. The plump cells belong to the white blood cells (leucocytes) and contain small granules inside the cell, i.a. vesicles filled with lysozyme for the lysis (resolution) of pathogens.
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The kakapo - profile

Characteristics Name: Kakapo Other names: Owl Parrot Latin name: Strigops habroptilus Class: Birds Size: 58 - 65cm Weight: 1.5 - 4kg Age: 40 - 60 years Appearance: Mossy green back plumage, yellow-green belly plumage Sexual dimorphism: Yes Diet type:? Food: Bee pollen, fruits, seeds, leaves Distribution: New Zealand Original Origin: New Zealand Sleep / wake cycle: nocturnal Habitat: unspecified, a.
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